Whatever your occupation & however complex your income

Find the mortgage you deserve

We’re the leading expert specialists in helping you to achieve the mortgage you want if you’re a:

  • Company director or entrepreneur
  • Contractor or self-employed
  • Locum health practitioner or barrister
  • Expat or recently retired
  • Bonus or carried interest earner

We know the mortgage challenges you face. Our expertise and advanced tech helps you get to a faster, easier, mortgage approval.

Find me a better mortgage

How we help you

Forms and process tailored to your occupation and situation

Porthos - Mortgage process 2

Advanced data science for speed & opportunity

Referral to the best specialist broker or lender for you

  1. Fill in our quick enquiry form – no-cost, no-commitment and no impact on your credit rating
  2. Data at the push of a button – assemble your financial data in moments not weeks
  3. The specialist referral you need – we introduice you to the perfect specialist broker or lender

What we do

We’re revolutionising mortgages for non-standard borrowers like you, and making them mainstream. We let you assemble all your financial data at the push of a button. Almost all our onboarding is done online and we treat you as an individual – only asking you for data specific to your profession and situation. So the process is not only faster, easier and far more pleasurable, but also allows us to introduce you the specialist brokers and lenders that suit you best. That means we can double your chances of getting the mortgage offer you need.

  • Over 5 million people in the UK, like you, have complex or “non-standard” incomes
  • Society is changing and unconventional earners are becoming a major minority
  • We’re experts in analysing and presenting variable or multi-source earnings
  • Our bespoke process and tech is fitted your exact situation – less stress and form-filling
  • Industry-leading data science and APIs identify new competitive alternatives
  • You benefit from better, larger and cheaper mortgage opportunities
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Teststars + ABN AMRO Future of Finance Accelerator

Porthos & Co joins ABN AMRO + Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator and announces £225,000 of funding

Porthos, the fintech mortgage readiness platform announce joining the ABN AMRO + Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator in Amsterdam, and raising £225,000 of funding, from angel investors and Techstars.

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