We're your data-driven navigator to better opportunity and borrowing

Porthos & Co lets you build a complete, personal map of every part of your finances, quickly and simply with the push of a few buttons; helping you find and navigate clear routes through the financial undergrowth. The breadth of data we assemble for you is unmatched for British premier clients. That means we can guide you through any financial product. We’re starting with bespoke lending, using complete data to enable smarter borrowing; highlighting destinations you couldn’t reach before. We’re building a lifelong financial satnav to happy prosperity.

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What we do

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Total data for

  • All savings, accounts and loans
  • All investments even private shares
  • Property and alternatives
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Complete access to

  • For those whose lives cross borders
  • For entrepreneurs and startup employees
  • For those that are different and deserving
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Finance you deserve

  • Spreading risk - private shares and options
  • Funds and pensions for startup people
  • Selling private shares or options

Our team and advisers

Jonathan Gittos

CEO & Founder

Serial entrepreneur & consultant, former founder and CEO of Marketpipe, successful sale to Ipreo now IHS Markit, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley

Roger Portnoy

Bizdev and Founder

Fintech and wealthtech guru, former Head of Strategy at FNZ, successful unicorn exit to Next Generational Partners, Thomson Reuters, UBS, LTCBI

Małgorzata Śmietanka

Data Science

PhD researcher, UCL Computer Science. Mathematics, University of Warsaw. Qualified actuary, Generali. Machine & federated learning.

Mark Allcock

Adviser CIO

Fintech CTO, and CEO of EngineF, IT services for fintech banking & payments, JP Morgan, Citibank, VISA

The problem

Retail finance is ruled by old customs and regulation using rigid, elderly technology and policy that then hardwires those problems and makes it hard, if not impossible to offer clients good service.

Lending decisions are often taken based on traditional salary data, ignoring newer forms of earning and assets which may be less regular, but often more valuable. The many productive and creditworthy entrepreneurs and expats, and even wealthy early retirees can be left out in the cold.

Most people hate or at best feel indifferent about their bank. Branch networks have been cut and service automated poorly. New app-based banks have provided much better tech but it’s still hard to speak to a human being and most cater only to the mainstream customer.

Read on…

How we fix it

What makes us different?

  • Clear, innovative thinking
  • Knowledge of the new economy
  • Finance that crosses borders
  • Deep tech and data savvy
  • Commitment to your best interests
  • Warm and professional service
  • No unnecessary forms or delay

Our vision

We want to make finance work for the entrepreneurial, international and young

Too much of the financial world only works for those for the wealthy of the old economy; we want to bring the benefits of liquidity, long-term investing and prudent borrowing to those working to build a newer world. Doing that will help us build long-term relationships of mutual trust for the future.

Our London office

Alphabeta Building, 18 Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1AH, UK

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